Saturday, February 21, 2009

Suiting Up

I thought it might be fun to take a look around the major leagues and see what men who have a history with the Mets will be in uniform on the coaching staffs of other organizations in 2009. I was able to identify no less than twenty-four such individuals. They are (in alphabetical order):

Manny Acta, manager, Nationals
Rick Anderson, pitching coach, Twins
Bob Apodaca, pitching coach, Rockies
Don Baylor, hitting coach, Rockies
Bruce Bochy, manager, Giants
Tim Bogar, first base coach, Red Sox
Larry Bowa, third base coach, Dodgers
Ron Gardenhire, manager, Twins
John Gibbons, bench coach, Royals
Steve Henderson, hitting coach, Rays
Clint Hurdle, manager, Rockies
Juan Lopez, bullpen coach, Reds
Mike Maddux, pitching coach, Rangers
Dave Magadan, hitting coach, Red Sox
Bob McClure, pitching coach, Royals
Roger McDowell, pitching coach, Braves
Orlando Mercado, bullpen coach, Angels
Jose Oquendo, third base coach, Cardinals
Sam Perlozzo, third base coach, Phillies
Gary Pettis, first base coach, Rangers
Willie Randolph, bench coach, Brewers
Luis Rivera, first base coach, Indians
Juan Samuel, third base coach, Orioles
Joe Torre, manager, Dodgers

The champions at employing ex-Mets are the Colorado Rockies, who have three ex-Mets in positions of prominence: their manager, pitching coach, and hitting coach.

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